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Busué represents a space that celebrates the majesty of the street and the host colony, seeking to relive the past and transform it with a fresh, understated look, a boutique hotel that offers all the elements that a world class traveler expects to have each experience.

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Between wall and wall and behind every door, the ideal emotion that inspired the creation of this cozy hotel, ideal for creating and recreating memories, from a colony of nostalgia, a park, a house full of looms special corners and a street that represents one of the most fascinating personalities of intellectual history: Eugenio Sue.

Candide, elegant, charming and very attractive women, according confirm your time-: are the attributes that adorned Eugene Sue, Enlightenment thinker to date has echoed with their literary and philosophical work. Transcended the time and not just as a great artist, but as a seducer - thanks to its subtle charm and success among women, Eugenio the nickname "Beau Sue" Beau is a French word meaning "beautiful" earned.

He was this seductive character, great representative of intellectual Romantic movement and one of the most read writers in the history of world literature, who inspired Busué Hotel. Thus, a large Porfirian mansion that was operated previously under the name of "Casa Vieja" Lolita Ayala went home and waited within its walls countless stories about the past of the emblematic neighborhood that welcomes defeño: Polanquito, to become in a flagship building in the city.